Australia’s Very Public Breakdown

Australia’s Government is in disarray. And, this morning, Australian’s everywhere have their head in their hands. 
What was, yesterday, a bemused response to  a schoolyard fight that never happened has become, today, an embarrassment of the grandest scale. It is beyond remarkable that a governing party can tear itself to pieces in such a public forum.
For some in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia’s little hissy-fit is what you might expect from those who live in a country that’s far too hot. But for those whose interest touches international affairs, the consequence of such a spat is more apparent. 
With a resourcing sector that is currently fuelling much of China’s growth (on Monday China broke the magic 2.2 million-tonnes-of-imported-coal-per-day record), a stumbling Government is unnerving, and its consequences more profound.
This week our Head of Public Affairs, Jacquelynne Willcox, has provided two very insightful pieces on the impact of Australia’s political turmoil and the contextual relevance of Sino-Australian relations. It’s both insightful and somewhat scary stuff.

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Ian Rumsby is Australian Chairman and EVP Asia Pacific at global public relations firm, Weber Shandwick Worldwide. Like every PR flak he is a wannabe journalist. And the advent of blogging presents him with the chance to be exactly that. To some degree. Ian's agency career spans 17 years during which time he has worked for two PR firms. He joined Weber Shandwick Worldwide at its inception in 2001. Having ran the firm's Australian operation for 4 years, a business he continues to chair, he's now immersed in the Asian operation which he hopes will provide a plethora of material for his blog. Ian is English, fiercely proud of it and all the more so as someone who's been living in Sydney since 1998. During that time he has not sent a single Bondi Beach postcard to anyone in Blightly. Instead, he has focused his efforts on getting married, staying married and fathering two delightful young boys. So far, he has been successful on all counts. He's hoping his foray into cyberspace changes none of it.
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One Response to Australia’s Very Public Breakdown

  1. Maha says:

    marvellous comment – these are indeed first-world problems

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